5 Places To Visit!


Emipre State Building

Tourist attractions can be difficult to find especially when you are busy with other things. Here some tourist attractions I would recommend.

New york- In New York one of the tourist attractions I would recommend is the Empire State Building. I would recommend this attraction because it has a breathe taking view of the city. The best time to go is at night the lights of the city are amazing! Also, I would try to get a ride and see Ground Zero. ( Where the Twin Towers stood.)

Capitol Reef Natinal Park

Utah- I would definitely go to see Capitol Reef National Park! The reason why is because there are so many different things to see there. Like cliffs, canyons, scenic drives, and a 100 mile bulge!

Iowa- In Iowa I would suggest you visit the Figge Art Museum. Art is not one of my favourite subjects, but I find art museums very interesting! The Figge has many different galleries as well, so lots of interesting new ideas!

Figge Art Museum

British Columbia- One thing I would definitely suggest you go see is the 2010 Olympic Stadium! To see where to 2010 winter games opened and closed and where Canada hockey won gold. That would be such an amazing thing to experience to share with people!

2010 Olympic Stadium

Alberta- The last thing I would recommend is the West Edmonton Mall. I recommend this because it is the fifth largest mall in the world! Also, you can have a little fun and go shopping!

West Edmonton Mall

These are the five tourist attractions I would recommend! What tourist attraction would you reccomend and why?

13 thoughts on “5 Places To Visit!

  1. I am Whitney Watson and a student at the University of South Alabama. These are some awesome places that you have picked out to visit. Unfortunately I have not been able to visit any of these places. I have come up with three places that I would recommend. The first would be Dubai , it is a city in the United Arab Emirates. They are the holders of the worlds tallest building. Second would be San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo, Chile. They have the world’s biggest swimming pool. You can even scuba dive in it. Third would be the Eiffel Tower in Paris because of it’s one of a kind view. I enjoyed your post and hope to see more. Hopefully one day I will be able to visit all of these places.

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  3. Hello Kali. I am Dominique Spence. I am in college at the University of South Alabama where I am taking a class called EDM 310. You listed some of the coolest places to visit. Have you been to each one? I have been to New York before and I was able to look up at the Eifffle Tower but I did not get to go inside. We did not have enough time to enjoy doing that, however I plan to one day. The building is really tall and looking up at it hurt my neck just a little. You have done a great job describing each place. I want to visit all of them now that you have described them so well. You are like a young travel agent. Great job! I would like to recommend one place to visit and it is the Bahamas. Traveling to this beautiful island is something for everyone of all ages to enjoy. Here the water is beautiful and clear and the beaches have an amazing view. You can see beautiful fishes in the water and build sand castles with the soft white sand. I was able to visit the Bahamas while I was in high school. One day you will be able to go anywhere you like just continue being a good student, working hard and I am sure your education will open doors for you to do anything you want and go where you wish.

    • Hi Dominique,
      No I haven’t personally been to any of theseplaces but my parents have travelled to some! And this year I am lucky enough to be traveling to Bahamas we are going to Nassau!! Thank you for visiting my blog!

      • Hello Kali,

        Sorry to respond so late. I have been very busy with school and work. However, I am very excited to hear that you will soon visit the Bahamas! I know you must be too! l enjoy traveling when I am not working or in school. I have plans after I graduate from college to travel more and see more of our country and even other countries. I will complete my college program in year 2014! (A long time from now lol.) I hope you continue to use your blog. I would like to hear about your trip when you go! Have a good day!


  4. hi this is mackenzie from the class in ontario well in canada and i was trying to put an avatr on my blog and ur instructions how to do it did not work for me plz write me back on my blog

  5. I really loved New York and want to go back again! My favorite part was Kleinfelds of course but I would say the best attraction is Times Square. There is alot going on there and is really neat to see!

  6. Hey Kali! How are you? Earlier in October I commented on your blog. I just wanted to apologize for listing the wrong building. I have been to New York and visited the Empire State Building not the Eiffel Tower which is in Paris. I do apologize about this mistake. I had the right building in mind with the wrong name. This is why it is very important to proof read. Sorry. Have a good day!

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